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Writing a Call to Action – Are You a Wimp or Stud

man in black leather jacketWriting a good call to action takes guts! After putting all your efforts into writing a great sales letter, make sure you ask for the sale! A “call to action” is what creates customer action and that is what the entire sales process is about. Don’t make the horrible mistake of thinking your readers will recognize what to do next. Map it out for them step by step. Tell them exactly where to go or what to do next!

I don’t have exact figures on how many sales are lost due to a missing “call to action” but I am certain the streets would be littered with them if we had an accurate count. Unfortunately, after everything is complete some people make the dreaded mistake of second guessing themselves and the value of their product.

Thus, they are “afraid” to ask for the order or a proper price for their product or service. This is a surefire way to kill sales or never even get them off the ground.

A call to action can be as simple as giving them a link and telling them to click it. While they KNOW you want them to click the link, the chances of them actually doing it will improve if you give them instruction to do so. You set off a mental trigger when you actually tell them what to do and this leads to more action. Without that communication they are left to figure out what to do next and that always leads to fewer sales almost without fail.

Your email or sales page should flow like a story and good stories always lead you in the direction they want you to go. Could you imagine a story that sucks you in and then doesn’t give you an ending? (that is a topic all by itself) There is no doubt where they want to take you, that is stated right up front, but as they take you through the story the author tells you exactly what to do.

This is the same principal that you must use in your email and sales text. Ask for the order or tell them what to do next! Don’t be shy about it, just come right out and say it. Something like” After all this I am sure you would agree this product is worth its weight in gold. But since we don’t accept gold it will only cost you $$$. If you do this it will dramatically improve your sales.

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