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Will Facebook Overtake Google as The Place to Advertise?

Will Facbook Overtake Google?Advertising your product or service will be (or is) your largest expense if you are a small business trying to generate sales online. Google has been the destination for advertising dollars for quite some time now due to the enormous amount of traffic they produce. It looks as though the paradigm is about to shift to a company called Facebook. I highlight the opportunity for businesses in my book Secrets to Mega Marketing on Facebook.

I am sure by now you are familiar with Facebook (if not, click here to visit my Facebook page). It is one of the fastest growing social media sights with over 400 million active users. They have built a community that is inclusive of just about everyone. The reason I say this is because MySpace used to be the place but the crowd was so young that it pushed many people away (me included). I didn’t care for all the garbage that was on there and it certainly was not my scene. I figured, if I felt that way then I’ll bet that many people 30-55 years old probably felt that way and this has proved to be true.

But getting back to Facebook. For whatever reason “everyone” feels safe on Facebook. From teens to grandmothers, it doesn’t matter, they are all on Facebook and networking like crazy. The social experience has remained civil, at least for now, and the dialog is fun and informative. And get this….50% of all users log in each day! This is about a perfect storm for you as an advertiser.

So we know the “eyes” are there, why advertise with Facebook over Google. Well, I don’t know that you want to cut Google out totally, but lets go over a few points. First off, Google is very difficult to deal with. They are not user friendly and they are not there to help you get started. If you are new to internet marketing you better have all you ducks in a row prior to spending your money with Google. As a matter of fact, they will not hesitate to ban your account and without notice and without any reason given.

I know this first hand because it happened to me. I was spending $500 to $600 per month with them and last December noticed that I wasn’t getting any clicks. My ads were still approved but no traffic (impressions) were coming to my ads. So I sent Google an email asking why I was not getting any traffic to my ads and they responded with a clip and paste response saying that I had violated some editorial rules and that I would never be permitted to advertise with them again.

Banned for life! No “warning”. No….”this doesn’t look right can you please adjust it”…nothing… just “you are banned for life”. Why was I banned for life? What did I do that was so terrible. I was experimenting with sending people to a “lead capture” page prior to gaining access to my site. This is a page where people enter their email and then are sent to the sales page. I figured, for the cost of the click I should at least get their email so I could market to them.

I thought this was acceptable and I found out the hard way that it was not. Talk about arrogant, I don’t wish Google ill will but let’s just say that I am not sad that Facebook is now giving them a run for their money!

This is not the first post you will see from someone who was banned by Google and it won’t be the last. Many hard working entrepreneurs were banned and now there is a big movement to capture the opportunity on Facebook. I have been advertising on Facebook for about a year now and have seen very good click through rates (CTR). This doesn’t surprise me due to the high amount of targeting that you can activate if you choose to. I will leave that for another post but you can really get granular with your advertising and it can pay off in a huge way.

Will Facebook overtake Google as The Place to Advertise? I sure hope so!

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