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Why Some Internet Marketers Suck And Others Become Multi Bazillionaires

naked woman with painted dollar on bodyDo you ever wonder why some internet marketers “suck” and other “lucky” ones become multi-bazzilionaires?

Well I figured out the amazing secret formula… (ok…. maybe a bit tongue-in-cheek but hopefully you’ll get my point)

The most successful marketers Pick Their Niche Markets Carefully and Methodically.

What I mean is, they usually don’t go into a market unless they know (ok…. nothing in 100% but the odds are stacked heavily in their favor) they can make money and most of the research is finding the right niche.

There are numerous benefits to finding a niche versus marketing to a large market (markets are too broad…. you will waste time and money in a “market” as opposed to a niche). Not the least of which is finding “buyers” rather than “tire kickers”.

So…what is a niche?

A niche is a specific group of people inside a larger general market which you can market very specific products to.

An example of a large market is: “Diets” or “Weight Loss”.

If you would try to market to these general markets chances are you would get a bunch of tire kickers and make no money. Why? because the market isn’t specific enough to attract buyers.

An example of a niche market within that group is: “Moms who want to lose weight after pregnancy”

Now we are getting somewhere. Can you see the difference in these two groups?

By targeting a small and very specific group of people you get to know your market inside out. This means that you’ll know what they need, what they respond to and what makes them tick. This is difficult to do when you’re trying to be all things to all people. Plus, if you are marketing to Moms who want to lose weight after pregnancy it is easier to identify specific problems that you can create a solution for.

By targeting a small niche market it’s also easier to gain expert status. If all your marketing is focused on one very specific group and their needs you’ll gain trust and expert status within that group very quickly.

Soon, you’ll become the trusted go to expert on that one topic. Once you put yourself in that position your marketing becomes effortless. People recommend you to others and when you have something to sell people will trust the quality of that product and want to buy it – without a lot of effort on your part.

Niche marketing also means more specific keywords and keyword phrases for your website. These are called “buying keywords” because people who type them in are more likely to be looking to buy.

Think of it this way. If you were looking for a camera and you just typed in “camera” into Google do you think you would more than likely purchase something from the results that came back? Probably not…. because they are too vague.

On the other hand…. if you typed in “white mino flip video recorder hd” do you think you might purchase from the results that came back…… oh yea! Cause these are exactly what you are looking for…. see the difference?

Plus search engines love specific niche sites with quality information. By targeting a niche market you can really dominate the search engine traffic results for that niche.

This means more website visitors, more customers, more trust and eventually more money.

It’s hard to be all things to all people. You’ll never get the balance right and someone will always be unhappy. While niche marketing doesn’t assure you won’t have unhappy customers at some point you definitely minimize the risks.

Not only that but you increase the odds of building a highly profitable online business and becoming a bazillionaire.

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