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What Can Roller Skating Teach Us About Marketing?

The last several weeks my kids (6 and 8 years old) and I have been going roller-skating. As I watch them cruise by over and over again it made me think of some of the parallels between roller-skating and marketing. Trust me, it wasn’t the first thing I thought of, survival was first, but eventually I got around to marketing -:).

What came to mind was the persistence my daughter was exhibiting. She came to me with a floor burn on her knee and a pretty good one at that. It obviously hurt (even though I didn’t see her fall it had to be painful and a minor bruise to the ole ego) and she came over for some moral support.

After confirming that everything was OK and still in working order she was gone, back to the rink to give it another go. Quitting never crossed her mind and her only focus was getting back out there and starting over where she left off.

Certainly there was some subconscious learning from her mistake, but she quickly picked herself up, knocked off the dust, and started up where she left off.

The parallels in life, business, and relationships are endless. Dusting ourselves off each time we fall, learn a bit from the process, and starting over again. Never giving a thought to giving up, never giving a thought to giving in to the doubt in the back of our heads that try to tell us that we can’t do it.

But many people quit after a fall or two. I used to be in that camp, but not for long as I realized it didn’t get me anywhere. Now I try to look at every fall as being one step closer to my goal. Without failure there is no success, no pain no gain I guess.

In her case the pain didn’t keep her from trying again and getting better in the process. I think I’ll give her a hug and thank her for teaching me something today!

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