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The Three Magic Keys To Selling ANYTHING!

I just read a blog post from Jeremy Schoemaker (or Shoemoney as he calls himself) about the similarities between sales and religion.

A really touchy subject with many people but I thought he made some excellent points and it gave me a good chuckle too.

The point being… all good sales people (yes that is what we all are in one form or another:)) cover three major bases when trying to sell you something.

1) They point out your pain… problem…. source of discomfort. And usually tell you it’s not your fault.

2) They show you how they can solve it.

3) They show you how it solved others problems (so it must be able to solve yours too… right?).

This is basic sales 101 but we all get away from it in a major way sometimes… hey me included, that’s why I am writing this. And it ends up costing us time and frustration.

Every bad sales letter or low converting squeeze page can be tracked back to not properly covering one of these areas.

Think for a minute that you have a problem, like a tooth ache. What is the first thing you would do?

Yep…. look for someone who could solve the problem, make the pain go away… so you find a local dentist.

What is the next step? Say you were new in town and don’ know very many people. You’d probably ask some people for a recommendation or look online for a dentist with some quality testimonials….right?

Social proof….bam… what happens? Exactly… you go to the dentist you were referred to or the one who convinced you online that he/she is helping other so they probably could do the same for you too.

Social proof! Very powerful!

And just if you ever doubted the power of social proof… consider this.

The next time you get off a plane at an airport you’ve never been to… watch what people usually do when going to claim their bags? They follow the people in front of them because they’re thinking they must know were their going cause everyone is going that way…. right? All the people in front suppplied strong social proof that they knew the way to the baggage claim….. and everyone else just followed.

The next time you get a bit off track selling … follow the Three Magic Keys to Selling ANYTHING and you should get right back on track.

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