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The Simple Way to Write an eBook

Have you ever wondered how difficult (or easy) if would be to write an ebook? If you are planning on selling a product then an ebook is the easiest way to get started. Let me show you how.

To create an ebook you should first have a topic. Topics should be focused as narrowly as possible so you can supply as much targeted information as possible. A good way to come up with a title for your topic is to  think of one word that would best describe the ebook and try to include it in your title. By narrowing your ebook subject benefit to one word you are creating a good keyword for when you start to promote it.

After you decide on a narrow topic you then want to create an outline to make writing easy. This step is very important because it lays out the framework for your ebook. Take some time on this to get all your pieces in place. It will make writing much easier if this is done correctly.

Lets say we want to write a 60 page ebook. First, you pick a topic, then come up with six broad subtopics. The more broad subtopics you come up with to longer your ebook will be so go over this section carefully. For illustration purposes lets use a 60 page ebook with 6 broad subtopics. Each of these broad subtopics will be about 10 pages of content so keep the subtopics broad as possible.

Next we want to go through each broad subtopic and create five ultra targeted subtopics. These ultra targeted subtopics will consist of one to two pages of ultra targeted information. The first paragraph or two can consist of an overview of the ultra targeted information then you really drill down into your subject matter. Get into the nuts an bolts of what it is you are teaching the reader. You should have no trouble coming up with a page and a half (remember, the first paragraph or two is an overview) of content when you “deep dive” into each of your ultra targeted subtopics.

And that is pretty much it. Give yourself a goal of writing about an ultra targeted subtopic each day. This will give you ine to two pages of content per day. Each week you will have completed a broad subtopic and in six weeks you will have your first ebook.

Of course, if you want to ramp it up a bit you can set a goal of writing about two ultra targeted subtopics per day and your ebook will be finished in three weeks instead of six. The important part is you now have a structure to writing your ebooks and this will make it easier to start and easier to finish.

Will this information help you start your first ebook? Please leave me a comment below.

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