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Is "The Next Best Thing" Your Answer?

The next internet fadInternet marketing innovations have been moving at lightning speed and 2010 should no different. With all the money on the table it is no wonder that it is a mad dash to see who can reap the rewards the soonest.

So, how many silver bullets have you chased lately (pun intended) and how many have proved to supply you the edge that you seek? My guess is the answer is “very few”. Why? Because most people, regardless of what they purchase, do not go out and just do it. They wait to perfect a product or develop this or that and never get started.

Still struggling for a New Years resolution? Here is one for you…..take action now! It doesn’t matter what you are looking to do, sell an ebook, software, affiliate promotion, physical product….. it really doesn’t matter what area you play the people who are successful take action.

The ironic thing about this is the best test is to get your product into the hands of the consumer. They will tell you, in no uncertain terms, whether your product or service is up to snuff or not.

I recall my first ebook. I was a nervous wreck getting ready to put out my first product but made up my mind that I was going to put it out as soon as possible and let the market be my guide. Well…they guided me…through several revisions until I got it write and now I have a good selling product that is market tested.

The key was listening to the market and making adjustments to fit their needs. They will tell you whether your product is good or bad and if it was worth the price you were asking. If you can handle the honest, hard core truth then get your product out there and let the market be your guide and judge. It could be the best move you’ve ever made.

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