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The FIFA World Cup Highlights Our Ignorance Of The World Market

Have you had a chance to watch the FIFA World Cup Soccer? I have watch a little but it occurred to me the immense market that is at internet marketers doorstep.

We just look at what is in front of us, the obvious. But take a minute and think of the “world market” that is available to you. Just about everywhere you can think of has a market available to you if you learn how to access it. Imagine the potential!

I know nothing about soccer but millions world wide are more passionate about soccer than we in the USA are about football or any other sport. The numbers are astounding if you actually look into them.

And yet we live in our little world content to market to just what we know. Open up your mind to the global appeal of the internet and all the products and services associated with it.

Take a minute and digest it. OK exhale. pretty big eh?

Just when you thought there was no way you could create a product and sell it you thought about “the world” and “the world cup”.

My day job is working for Coca Cola, one of the sponsors of the FIFA World Cup so I have a special seat at the marketing that is going on and also the potential that is out there, Don’t let the magnitude of the event escape you because it is larger than you will ever imagine and so is the potential of your marketing efforts.

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2 Responses to The FIFA World Cup Highlights Our Ignorance Of The World Market

  1. Blue Mountain Chalet July 2, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    I just miised the chance on going to that event. You are so lucky!

  2. baby directory July 6, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    I have been watching the World Cup with my girlfriend this week and during the set up for a corner kick I was saying to her that one thing Americans tend to miss about football is that opportunities are exciting/nerve-wracking in and of themselves.

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