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The Appealing Allure Of Becoming A Published Author On Amazon Kindle


Have you ever given any thought to becoming a published author? Me either. I never though of myself as an author or even a good writer so the thought never crossed my mind.

Well things have changed and so has my thought process about becoming a published author. You see, Amazon Kindle has changed everything.

The Kindle is hot. In fact, Amazon is selling more electronic books than print books these days.  And getting published on Kindle is hotter still with the way Kindle books are exploding. Not to mention how easy it is to publish on Kindle. If you want to get started here is a good video course for cheap that will give you all the help you need. It is called Kickin’ It On Kindle.

Some of the biggest reasons why people have bought or will soon buy a Kindle are:

1) It makes your library portable

2) It lets you add to your library from anywhere

3) Kindle screens can be read in broad daylight

4) Kindles are getting more and more affordable

5) The Kindle Store is Growing FAST!


And the best part is….. they’ll be looking for a variety of books to read on their Kindles.  Just put yourself in their shoes and you’ll immediately see the growth potential. Lets take a closer look at each point.


1) It makes your library portable

Remember when the iPod first came out and you no longer had to lug around CDs and cassette tapes when you wanted to be entertained on the road?

In addition to the convenience, there was the sheer capacity of the iPod.  You could store thousands of songs in a device that fit in the palm of your hand, and you could access any of them at a moment’s notice.

Enter the Kindle.  It has the same capacity for storage and instant access.  You’ll get weeks of entertainment in a device small enough to fit almost any purse, all accessible at — you guessed it — a moment’s notice.

And unlike CDs and cassette tapes, books are heavy, so if you’re a voracious reader, you no longer have to lug around pounds of books to ensure you won’t get bored on even the longest flights — or beach vacation.


2) It lets you add to your library from anywhere

This is where the Kindle does the iPod one better.  Thanks to Amazon’s Whispernet, you can add books and other documents at the click of a button.

You can also subscribe to blogs, newspapers, and periodicals, and have them added automatically.  Kindle makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening, without having to squint at the screen of your smartphone or iPhone.


3) Kindle screens can be read in broad daylight

Unlike computer screens, Kindle screens are designed to imitate paper, and they are doing a terrific job.  You can read them clearly in any kind of lighting, even in broad daylight while you’re out lounging by the pool.  Try that with your laptop!


4) Kindles are getting more and more affordable

When the Kindle first came out, it was kind of pricey.  Of course that didn’t stop a lot of technophiles from investing in one anyway.  But it did keep more budget-conscious readers out of the loop.

That’s no longer the case.  Now, Kindles are just a fraction of the price they were when they first appeared, and at just over $100 for the least expensive model, they’re flying off the shelves.

In part, that was to be expected since new technology tends to be more expensive for early adopters, but in the case of Kindle, sheer economics was probably driving the drastic cut in price.  First, there was the growing competition from the Nook and other e-readers, and then…

Amazon realized that it was making far more money from selling books for Kindle than from selling the Kindle devices themselves, so it became a smart move to get those Kindles into the hands of as many people as possible so they could buy…Kindle books!

And the more people have Kindles, the bigger the market for your own Kindle book.


5) The Kindle Store is Growing

Amazon’s Kindle store is getting bigger by the minute.  Sales of Kindle books are growing by leaps and bounds, and one way in which Amazon is trying to keep up with demand is by making it incredibly easy to publish books, blogs, and more to its Kindle store.


And that’s where you come in as a potential Kindle author!

An ever-growing number of people are rushing to create content for Amazon’s Kindle store.  In fact, there is a lot of intriguing information available for Kindle that’s not available in any other form.

As a result, even more people are likely to break down and invest in a Kindle, which will lead to ever more readers who are shopping in the Kindle store for new information.  And you could be right there to provide it!

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