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Six Small Business Marketing Resources You Can’t Afford to Ignore

When it comes to marketing, small business owners are frequently at a disadvantage. It’s harder than ever for smaller companies to cover even the basics with a small budget, yet the need to identify and communicate effectively with prospective customers is no less important than it is for the big companies with million dollar budgets. […]

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The Value of “YouTube Marketing Power”

Did you hear how YouTube is the new black for 2014? Review the news on it during the last year, and you can see how it rivals mobile as a marketing hot button of interest. For example, Nielsen is including YouTube views in its rating calculations. Google announced in an earnings report that 40% of […]

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5 Location-Based Mobile Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

With location-based marketing, you can do double duty, promoting your brand while helping potential customers find you. And those customers will want to find you, especially when they re on the go. In fact, more than 40 percent of mobile Web searches are for local businesses, according to Google. If you haven t fine-tuned your […]

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Marketing Strategies For Achieving Business Growth

Marketing for small businesses needs to be carefully thought through, and often requires a multi-pronged approach. It s one thing to have a great product, but it will never be a success unless your potential customers know about it. That s where marketing comes in. Neil Addley, managing director of used-car website Trusted Dealers, which […]

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Local Marketing Success Is In The Details

Local marketing success requires attention to detail and a process, or plan, that accounts for every step in the relationship. The majority of advertising and marketing dollars spent by small, local businesses returns dismal rates of return and are all too often complete failures. Have you heard or used any of these excuses for less […]

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