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Simple Steps to Amazing Article Writing

article of the yearArticle writing for marketing purposes is a great way to market your product, service, blog or website. It is a great way to leverage free traffic if you submit your articles to places like or any other of the many article marketing services. Why? Because content is what makes the Internet world go ‘round. Without information, the World Wide Web would be a boring place. The net is ever growing and expanding at a rapid rate and because of content it will continue to do so.

That’s all fine but because of this fact there is a lot of information on the same topic floating around the internet. The more articles on the same topic the more difficult it is to make your article stand out. How do you make your information a destination that people can’t get enough of? How do you cut through the noise? Simple, give your readers quality content dripping with the information they are actually looking for – that’s how!

There are many ways to successfully get your material noticed and in the hands (or on the computer screens) of your target market. I’m going to show you some areas to focus on that will greatly improve the odds that your article gets seen and read. This isn’t always easy, plus you have to remember that at the same time you want to create a relationship with your prospects that will last a lifetime.

Know What You’re Talking About

Now I know this goes almost without saying but I have to say it. Know your subject matter. You don’t have to be an expert but do your research. Research is a word that many people dread yet it has gotten easier and easier to research a topic online in recent years. Most of those who shy away from “doing their homework” have yet to recognize its true value. If they did, I’m willing to bet they would change their tune in a heartbeat due to the ease of which you can do it. The best way to come up with quality information for your reader is to research the topic and come up with new ideas, answers, and the latest theories and trends in that particular niche.

A lot of people wrongly assume that reading a few headlines about a subject here and there is enough to write a quality article. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, in order to really give your readers what they want to know you’ll want to dig deeper than they care too and mine out new ideas and theories that they never even considered. Determine who the experts in your specific area are and find out what they have to say on the subject. Take a look at the resources they are recommending and use and try them out. This could supply you with even more valuable information for your readers. Go the extra mile to gather as much background information and facts as you can to support what you are putting forward.

The more you research your content the more it improves your credibility and expertise. You’ll be able to present quality content people will actually want to read and use. You will become the subject matter expert and people will continue to come back for more.

If you don’t have time to research a topic in depth, find someone who does. You can outsource the work for very little and leverage someone else’s time to do the research for you. As you ramp up your business this could be the way to go, especially if you are using this method to drive traffic to your website or product. You could use the money you save from Google and spend it on outsourcing the work. This would be a much more compelling long term traffic generating strategy. There’s definitely a reason why they say “Knowledge is Power!”

Clear the Cobwebs & Stay Focused

Hopefully you know what you want your article to sound like. If not, don’t worry too much. You will develop “your voice” after writing several articles and “your voice” will be part of why your readers will stop back. They like or relate to “your voice”.

After you know how you want your article to sound you then have to put in a “call to action”. You have to tell your readers what they need to do next, like click her to sign up” or “enter your information below and click save”.

Do you find yourself struggling with transferring what you are thinking into an informative, smooth flowing article that gets the results you want? I know I did until I started to create a flow chart to organize my thoughts prior to starting into the actual writing.

This is one of the smartest steps I made when starting out writing. Otherwise your articles jump all over the place and the reader gets lost. You have to create a natural flow, one that the reader is comfortable with. The best way to do this is by creating an outline. Once you create an outline you can move topics around until the flow of information makes sense to you and flows easily and logically. You can see and feel the difference when a good outline is in place as the information usually goes to the next logical step as you take the reader though the information.

The more time you spend on creating a quality outline the better your article will flow and the more information your reader will take the time to create an outline before you begin. It will help you to stay organized and on track. It works wonders for focus too.

An outline doesn’t have to be extremely in depth or comprehensive. Start off by planning the introduction, add a few key points for the body, and finish it up with a conclusion or miniature summary of your article’s main points. Here’s a little trick writers use to create their outlines.

1. Tell your readers what you’re going to be talking about. (Introduction)

2. Talk about it. (Body)

3. Recap what you just told them. (Conclusion)

Pretty basic, and just as with anything other task, once you have a process in place it will make the actual task less daunting and produce a better quality product. If you’re thinking that putting together an outline will only create more work for yourself, please rethink this. In actuality, it will save you time in the long run without question. Your thoughts will be organized and you’ll be able to focus on each individual piece of the puzzle that, once complete, will flow together nicely.

Grab Their Attention with a Dash of Copy

The most important function of any article is to inform its reader. But, your article must get and keep their attention in order to inform, right? Absolutely!

Many people neglect to focus on the fact that articles need to be compelling, but they also need to sell if you’re trying to make money online. There are many elements of copy you can include to make your articles compelling and lead people to a certain action. You can create interest and increase action with things like:

  • Attention grabbing headlines and subheadings (These draw the reader in and leave them wanting to know more)
  • A hook line (This will keep them reading)

Keep in mind that everyone is very busy these days, if you want to get your article read from beginning to end, you will have a higher chance of success when you add a bit of creative copywriting.

Each article should tell a story to your readers. People love a good story because stories have structure. They have a beginning, middle and end. This structure makes your article easy to read and can make it easier to make compelling. Tell a good story and chances are you are writing a good article.

Lead Your Readers Onward

If you remember nothing else about people who buy online, remember this:

You will make more money when you TELL your reader what to do next!

So many people tell the story, do all the right steps, make a compelling case, and forget to “ask for the order”. Yes, we humans are fickle creatures. Even if your reader thinks she knows what to do next, that doesn’t mean she will do it. Always put it into writing, spell it out for them. Tell your readers what to do or where to go after they’ve finished reading your article. Believe it or not, even when they know what they want or what they should do next, they might get distracted or they are just plain indecisive. Like a child who is just learning the ways of the world, your reader needs to be taken by the hand and led to the next step. This is not pushy, this is a necessary step to complete for you to make money online.

For instance, if you want your reader to visit your website to learn more about your product or services then send them there. If you would like your reader to complete a survey or give their opinion on the topic they just finished reading about, tell them what to do next.

This is where your author or resource box comes into play and can quickly become your best friend. Use this area to tell a bit about yourself or your website, and give your readers something to do. Give them a clear call to action.

Writing an article is not difficult as long as you put the right strategies in place. You want to know what information is relevant to your target audience. Be as well versed in the area you’re writing about as you can in order to provide superior information.

Next, create an outline to help keep you organized and focused. Throw in a bit of captivating copy to create interest and keep them reading. Finally, tell them exactly what you want them to do next to achieve maximum benefits from your article marketing efforts and you are on your way to creating quality articles.

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