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How To Pick A Niche In Amazon Kindle And Build An Email List – This video describes how I build a list through publishing Amazon Kindle books.

Hi folks, Gregg Zban here and one of the things I’d like to cover is How To Pick A Niche In Amazon Kindle And Build An Email List   left out in the previous video was about the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing was basically one of the strategies that I’m using.

What I am trying to do is instead of sell the ebooks, I am giving them away and drive people to an option page and get them on an email list and try to market to them from there.

That being said, if you are just writing one ebook in a micro niche and trying to drive traffic to an optin page, It’s probably not going to work because I don t know how many people you will get to your optin page and then out of every 100 people you might get one, two, three, or five that will optin and you actually get them on an email list. So you might be better off selling the ebook instead of giving it away.

What I’m trying to do… I’m just running this experiment in the dog training niche, because it’s a huge niche. It’s such a large niche that it has many sub niches that have products that are in common with each other that I can market to.

Case in point… I could write a fifty page ebook on a Doberman Pinscher, a fifty page ebook on a German Shepherd and a fifty page ebook on Shih Tzu or a Collie or a Chihuahua or whatever and they all need dog food. They all need grooming tools, a crate, training material to do tricks or behave or don’t go to the bathroom inside. Whatever the case maybe.

I can market to 100 different breeds, 100 different sub niches because the have a commonality. If I was trying to market to horses and dogs, there is no commonality there. My point is, when you pick a niche, specially if you are doing the model that I am trying to do which is basically drive them to an optin page, get them on an email list and market to them. You want to make sure you have a large enough niche that you can do a lot of different ebooks and drive them all to an optin page and be able to market to all of them off of the same email list.

Anyway, that whats working for me right now and I am going to continue to run the test and continue to do the ebooks on dog training because they are easy to do and I have a template which I showed you in the last video. I hope its working for you.

Leave some comments below. If you have any questions let me know … I’d love to help you.

Talk to you soon, take care…. I’ll see ya.. bye.

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