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Not Using “The Pyramid” Could Ruin Your Marketing Efforts

The shape of the ancient pyramids were such that most of the weight was at the bottom of the structure. While this is opposite of the pyramid that I want to discuss the shape is the same.

The major difference in the sales pyramid is that most of the weight (importance) is at the top of the structure, not the bottom. And the sales pyramid will help your draw out what is important to your customers.

No matter how much experience you have in sales or marketing, online or off line, you can always find yourself selling to meet your need, goals, or desires. It is easy to do when you are trying your best to make a living. One of the best tricks to get me back to reality and on the right track when putting together sales letters or autoresponder emails is the selling pyramid.

All you have to do is draw a pyramid on paper and start at the top with you customers most important factor. What do they want to accomplish? Is it profit, freedom, work from home, new house, security for their family, whatever the case it will pay you in spades to take some time to figure it out. After you do, enter it into triangle at the top.

Next, do some more research to find out what the second and third most important items are to your clientele. Now enter those in the second row of triangles. Now you have the three most important items to your customers.

Finally, enter the forth fifth and sixth most important factors to your customers success and enter then across the bottom of the pyramid. You are now ready to build your sale letter and marketing email or even a sales plan. Only now it will be focused around your customers needs, not yours.

To really make the pyramid work you should take each of the top six customer needs and research them to find a gap. A “gap” is the “difference between your customers current state and their desired state”.

Once your identify their “gap” fill in your solution to the gap and begin writing your sales letter. Lets take a look at an example:

You have identified profit, freedom, traffic as the top three needs of your customer. Then your sales letter might start out like this:

“We have developed a new way to increase your profit, freedom, and website traffic. It is not for everyone, but if these core topics are something your business could benefit from then we may have just what you are looking for”.

Do you think that might get attention from your core customers? After you have their attention just plug in the rest of the solutions to the gaps that you have identified and you are on your way to writing a sales letter that will scream of success.

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