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My First Request To Download My eBook On An iPad

Yesterday I received a call from a customer who asked why my eBook wasn’t available for download on an iPad.

I new the day was coming but it still caught me off guard. You see… you can’t just upload your eBook to and iTunes store and be done with it….no buddy. You have to convert your PDF files to ePub files and then upload them to iTunes.

If you have an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone here are some easy instructions.

If you don’t have on of those then there are several other steps you must take and unless you know how to do these and use a Mac you are better off going with a “broker”.

Most “brokers” charge a one time setup fee to get your eHub to the correct specs, and then maybe a small annual fee to track and report sales and commissions. I found this to be the easiest route since I use a PC and you might find the same.

They will convert your PDF files to ePubs and do all the work for you but if you would like to save a little bit of money you can easily convert your PDF files to ePubs.

I found this free converter called Epub2Go. It is fast and free. After you have converted your files to ePubs then look up your favorite iTunes brokers and follow there lead.

That is what I am about to do. Have you had any requests for this?


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  1. Gregg Zban - November 12, 2010

    My First Request To Download My eBook On An iPad | The Guru Hub

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