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Mobile Marketing’s Top 5 Blog Articles

Mobile Marketing is being touted as “the next big thing” and the only validation you need is your own quick count of how many people you encounter during the day with mobile devices or a mobile phone. The numbers are staggering.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association a wave of mobile advertising is about to explode, and with good reason. In the past it has been difficult to advertise due to the fragmentation of platforms and carriers. They are finally starting to consolidate and this will make advertising much easier for you and me.

Go anywhere and just admire the mobile community at work. Everyone you pass while driving is talking on a cell phone and look at the numbers while walking through a grocery store or restaurant. Do you think there is potential to reach an audience with your message? Damn right there is.

With all this “hoopla” surrounding mobile marketing and people starting to look for information in earnest  I thought I’d throw together the top 5 blog articles on the subject so you could check them out and see what all the chatter is about.

Here they are as list in Google:

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