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Local Marketing Success Is In The Details

Local marketing success requires attention to detail and a process, or plan, that accounts for every step in the relationship. The majority of advertising and marketing dollars spent by small, local businesses returns dismal rates of return and are all too often complete failures. Have you heard or used any of these excuses for less than stellar local marketing results: You need to run that ad 7 times in order to really see the impact. It was the wrong place to advertise. That advertising medium doesn’t work! Our customers don’t look there. The position of the ad was bad for us! The quantity of people we are reaching needs to be much bigger.  If we get just 1% of 1% we are golden! We need to offer a bigger discount or deal. Advertising doesn’t work for us/We don’t advertise. You could add many more to this list of course, but these are pretty typical. It’s easy to make excuses for a lack of local marketing success.  Taking a closer look at what a well-planned local marketi

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