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Just Learned About A New Time Saving Feature in WordPress

wordpress logoI just discovered the secret to timely Blog posts in WordPress! Yahoo! If you are an experienced marketer maybe you are already aware of this however I have been posting to blogs for the better part of two years now and just came across this time saving feature. OK…. no more suspense…. it is the WordPress schedule post feature.

I know, I know…call me crazy for not knowing about this already but for some reason I missed it. Through all my potential embarrassment I figured I would share it with you because maybe there is one of you out there that was in the dark about the WordPress schedule feature just like me.

This isn’t a plugin, although there are several available to enhance this feature, this is just straight up edit the publish date when you are finished composing your Blog post. That’s it! Just write your post save it to publish at a later time (I am giddy like a kid about this because of the benefits).

This is great if you go through writers block from time to time and of course the flip side is those “fertile” moments when the words just keep on comin’. Know you can write a weeks worth of content and post it gradually through out the week without going through the work of copy and paste.

I feel like I just got a new bike!

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