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John Carlton Shows You How To Commit Suicide

Ok……in John’s defense, he called it “how to murder your business” so I figured I’d step it up appropriately for you all and get your attention in the process.

He does have a great point in his latest post though and that is “not having a plan” for 2010 will kill your business…guaranteed!

Most entrepreneurs wander from hope to hope into the new year wondering if they will hit “pay dirt” again …..or ever for that matter. If you are wandering aimlessly….stop right now…get a plan and follow it. Even if it is not completely thought through it will send you in the general direction that you want to go. You need to follow something or you will fall for everything.

The most successful people, let alone entrepreneurs, have a plan and follow it. Now lets be clear, they DO “course correct” along the way….but if you don’t have a compass to begin with…forget it!

So clear your mind and set your internet marketing compass to true north and access success like you have never imagined in the coming year…one step at a time.

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