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If Coke and Pepsi are Using Social Media Shouldn’t You?

Coke - Coke Zero - Diet CokeThe new marketing campaign from fortune 500 beverage company Pepsi is Pepsi refresh. With it they are using social media to bring awareness to their product as spelled out in the recent article in Advertising Age. If they are using it, shouldn’t you be using it in your marketing efforts?

Who would have ever thought that Titans such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola would have embraced social media as part of their advertising strategies. Well, the time has come and this speaks volumes of the power of social media.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube and others have gained the attention of these behemoths because of the sheer numbers of eyes looking at these properties each day. The world has changed and if you want to get your product in front of an audiance you have to fish where the fishes are….and right now they are migrating in droves to social media.

Believe it or not that gives you an advantage as an entrepenuer because it tend to level the playing field. Social media doesn’t just relie on advertising, it feeds off of personal experience and personal video. It is almost the anti-culture in advertising.

The best thing is, if you do it right, you have access to all those eyes just as the big guns done and for little if no cost. This has never been the case.

Take for example a YouTube video made by the premium bottled water company Evian. They produced a video just for YouTube. It probably cost 10k to make but the video went viral (thousand of hits) due to it’s original nature and Evian garnered all that free advertising.

Wouldn’t it be “cool” if you could do the same thing? Well….you can! So get in there and play with the big guns because they just entered YOUR arena and will redefine your space if you don’t watch out.

Just keep one thing in mind, you have the keys to the castle and the stakes are very much within reach so go get as much as you can.

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