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I’m Packing it in and Calling it a Day!

Did you ever want to just call it a day and forget about internet marketing? Well… me too…. thank God my senses took over and I am back at it but it was a close call.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I figured you might have had the same problem as me and maybe this could help.

You see…. I was all over the place with my marketing… trying to develop products in five different niches at once and having just limited success with each niche. I just wasn’t committed or patient enough to get it going. They all looked like a green markets (and probably still are) but I just couldn’t kick the door down so I move on to another niche the same way….half assed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple niches doing well but I wanted to expand and duplicated the success so I got away from what made me successful in the first place. Just finding a niche with a problem and solving it. Strip it down, keep it simple, and keep delivering the goods…. keep solving the problems….. AND BE PATIENT!

That is so difficult to do after you have tasted a bit of success. You see the potential and want to go from zero to sixty in no time at all… leaving all the fundamentals in the dust. Well…… I guess that doesn’t work so it’s back to keeping it simple.

I am consolidating all my resources into one site , The Guru Hub Members Area, and that is it. The moving has begun and the site is well on its way. I look for it to be live before Christmas and EVERYTHING I know will be in there including a ton of videos.

Everything I’ve done lately I’ve recorded…. from start to finish…. step by step to try to help newbies get started and save a bunch of money and time…

…to the advanced research and testing techniques that separate profit from loss….

So don’t stray too far off the beaten path, specially if you were spreading yourself too thin like I was….. time to get back to basics and get back to moving the business ahead…. one niche at a time.

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