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I’m Coming Clean – The Dark Secrets of Gregg Zban

I have been marketing online for about a year and a have now and I think it is time I come clean. What I mean by this is many of you who read “The Guru Hub” might not know me as well as you could. Well that is about to change. I am going to” lay it on the line” (one of my favorite songs by Triumph!).

There are no dark secrets or anything (well….em…maybe a couple…) but I am a bit eclectic….diverse if you will, in what I like and what I do. I really don’t fit many molds and that is the way I like it.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I just love the fact that if you can figure out what people need or want, you can write your own check. That just send chills down my spine when i think about it. And now with the internet being what it is it is easier than ever to “figure it out” and write your own check….but enough of that, lets get into the eclectic side.

I love music and have played the play the guitar for over 35 years. The best years were when I played in a club rock/metal band in the 80’s and early 90’s. What a great time. I still record in my home studio from time to time and visit some old friends who still play out and play a few songs live just to bring back memories.

I joined Coca-Cola Enterprises 17 years ago after 14 years in the furniture business. I have been all over the Eastern USA and now run a sales, warehouse, and distribution facility in Northeast Ohio. I make six figures annually with Coca-Cola and they have treated me very well over my career. My only issue/ motivation, is….if you knew what my team makes for Coca Cola per year and what they pay us….lets just say I want to write my own check…. and so should you!

Golf was my next passion until last year when my internet business started to take off. I love to golf whenever I can and as I set up my businesses I have two goals in mind, take care of my family and control my own destiny.

If you have those same goals, drop me a line or join my mailing list because I share everything I learn from my experiences. If you want the truth about “what it take”, “how to do it”, “what the best way is”, I will tell it to you straight and maybe we can help each other in the process.

Oh yea, since I am coming clean here I guess I should mention that I was over 100k in debt (not including house and car….that would ad another 300k) from medical bills (I had a heart attack six years ago) and a prior divorce. I didn’t want to go through bankruptcy so I thought I would negotiate with the credit card companies myself. I did that last year and negotiated 105k down to 22k and paid everything off. Sound great right? I thought so too….

Well guess what, while I was doing my taxes this year I noticed that the difference between the amount I negotiated and the actual amount owed had to be considered “income”. So…I now owe the Federal Government a lot and the State Government a lot. There is no way I could have kept my house or anything else if my internet business didn’t start to crank. I managed to pay a lot of bills and keep our heads above water with this. So when I tell you that I am motivated to make more money, believe me.

I remain positive and will find a way to take care of my wife of 10 years and two children 8 and 6 years old. It is all about helping others and I will continue to do that so get on my list and follow along and you will learn a lot for free!

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