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How To Make Money With Amazon Kindle

Publishing to Amazon Kindle is hot right now. They are finally taking action against the spammers and cleaning up everything (yea… I got a couple ebooks booted off too :)) which is going to make the opportunity to make money on Kindle even greater.

The big mystery to try to figure out when publishing to Amazon Kindle is formatting. If you don’t format the contents correctly it comes out all garbed up and no one will buy it.

Well, after many tries, I finally figured it out. The table of contents, the spacing, everything and I recorded everything while I was doing it. If you want to have a look try Kickin It On Kindle. I made over 30 videos that cover everything from A to Z.

Now I’ve seen programs you can purchase for $1,000 if you are in the mood to spend money, but Kickin It On Kindle has all the bases covered and I am damn near giving it away.

Kindle is unique because you can purchase content on Kindle and read it on your computer. And the good thing is Amazon used their heads when putting together the pricing model.

You see…. anything priced over $10.00 only pays out a 35 percent commission to the author. However, if the author sells the ebook between $2.99 and $9.99 Amazon pays out 70 percent commission.

If you do the math, that is a pretty good incentive to keep the pricing low. This will, of course, drive more traffic to your book and make more sales.

The one big turn-off from an author point of view is the payment schedule. At the end of Oct I received my commissions from August, which kind of sucks, but after you get things rolling pretty good like I have then it doesn’t make that big a difference.

It’s just that most of us like the instant gratification from our hard work and you won’t get that here for sure.

That being said, Amazon has a great business model and I would highly suggest you look into making it part of your recurring income. It is definitly worth it.

I am going to start outsourcing everything for about $60 per week and keep my catalog of books growing by having someone else write and publish them for me.

Keep in mind, NO GARBAGE! If you are going to outsource it like I am, make it crystal clear to your writer that the books don’t have to be long (50 pages is usually good) but the content has to be high quality.

The nice thing is, people generally don’t want to read War and Peace and they purchase a book from Kindle, they just want some good information fast which is a marketers dream.

Just the facts and cut out all the fluff.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to earn some good money before the time is gone and I wish you the best.

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2 Responses to How To Make Money With Amazon Kindle

  1. Aiden Strauss September 9, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    I’d like to support my favorite artists by buying their albums and such but I don’t want the CD’s, I want the music on my Kindle Fire. Does the money get split or does it go to one or the other?


  2. Elvis Michael February 9, 2013 at 2:23 am #

    How’s your Kindle success so far? I hope it’s doing well. While it’s true that the 70% royalty is great, sometimes it’s also best to price a book at 99 cents. Dont get me wrong, im a HUGE fan of making the typical $2.09 or whatever it is per book at 70% royalty. However, whenever a book just isn’t working for me, I bring the price down to 99 cents and it generally starts making some decent cash….well, a few bucks at least.

    99 cent books have a negative stigma of being “indie” though, and this is why a lot of people have moved away from this price point and now make them $2.99 and up.

    Ironically, there’s this bundle i published back in December for 99 cents, and it has sold well over 4,000 copies already. i’m very proud of it, and also afraid of raising its price! Lol.

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