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How To Create An eBook For Amazon Kindle

What I’d like to do is show you how to create an eBook for Amazon Kindle. I typically create a 50 to 60 page eBook from this template. And I can do it usually a day and even much less if I am doing it in the same market only a different breed.

For instance , right now the example I am using is Dogs. I know the dog category is overrun but I started out doing a couple of those because I knew once I set the template up I could easily make several ebooks about.

I always put a thank you page and a picture and I’ll get into the pic and where I get them in a second.  But I always want to put thanks you and I have a free gift when you click here and put a link that leads them to an optin page.  Where I give them a free gift if they optin to my list.

Here you can see if I click on this it leads them to an optin page that I created for dog training. I know it is an overrun market but its something I wanted to test out for driving traffic…. it’s fairly good.

I try to think of ever piece of information that would be relevant to the subject that I am writing about. Then, under different title heading I would add pictures.

For example, under all heading ones I would add a picture to each of them.

The add all the subtitles you can think of. This will help you get started writing.

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