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How Many Times Should You Be Posting To Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Daily To Make Money

This video is about social media and how many times should you be posting to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube daily to make money.

You probably already post to Facebook already… right? A lot of people do because there is almost 100,000 people on Facebook.

And you might even send out some Tweets on Twitter to promote your business.

Or an occasional video on YouTube. A lot of people do that and are very successful at it.

But do you know how many times per day you SHOUD be posting to these sites to make money?

Or… are you just leaving it to blind optimism…. kind of like I was.

Your not alone…. I didn’t know this valuable information either until recently. And the information will shock you!

Let’s start with Facebook.

You should post no more than three times per day on Facebook. If you’re posting on your business Fan Page, make sure you stay on or around your topic.

Don’t get too carried away…. for instance….don’t post about what you had for dinner if your Fan Page is about your insurance business. That just makes sense.

Next let’s discuss Twitter. Oh… the beautiful Tweetie Bird.

The optimal amount of posts on Twitter per day is between eight and eighteen times.

It sounds like a lot but I automate everything and can show you how to do the same thing….. it’s not that difficult.

Just go to module seven, named Traffic, in The Guru Hub members area. And don’t worry… it’s all free… we won’t charge you a dime.

Ninja Tip Alert…. Ninja Tip Alert….. I love the flames!

Sixteen to eighteen tweets should link to “other” websites, not your own! That really surprised the heck out of me.

Say what? There the old guy.

In order to build trust you can begin by being an aggregator of valuable information for your followers. Help them cut through the clutter and the noise.

Now let’s talk about YouTube. You should post video’s to YouTube probably three time per week is optimal. We are going to wear out that three number aren’t we.

Now… I know that sounds like a lot of work… specially on youTube. Just remember to keep your video’s short and to the point.

Focus on small details inside a larger topic. This will help you out tremendously.

You should have no problem posting three video’s per week if you do this.

If not… just do what you can. Cause remember… something is better than nothing!

So let’s review,

Post on Facebook no more than three times daily.

Eight to eighteen tweets per day on Twitter is optimal.

And three YouTube video’s per week is where you want to be.

You can get your free membership to The Guru Hub Members Area by clicking the link below or going to

Thanks for listening… I’ll see you in the next video.

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