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How I Got Suspended From

Heidi Klum flipping the birdBoy…does this suck! I can see getting slapped by Google…who hasn’t had that happen…right? But suspended from WTH. I have since been reinstated and I will show you what I did to get my account suspended in just a minute but let me vent a bit first.

Who here writes ALL there articles for ALL their blogs… raise your hands. OK….three out of three hundred people raise their hands. (oh come on…you saw those hands didn’t you?) And we could go on forever about duplicate content and what is ACTUALLY considered duplicate content.

Now I am not trying to skirt the issue here and I am very aware of what Ezine Articles is trying to accomplish….it just friggin bugs me to the point that I need to write about it.

There…I feel better. So on to how this happened.

I purchased some PLR, put it in a spinner, read it over and gave it a few tweeks, and submitted it (actually it was for a client I am helping out…which is even worse) and wahla! Everything came out good and the content was submitted successfully (if you haven’t submitted and article there… they have a pop-up that says it was successfully submitted)

A day or two latter, here comes a notice that my account has been suspended from further content submission until my account is brought back to good standing.

ARRGGGG. Five articles, with precious back-links, gone from my account because EzineArticles says it was duplicate content. Well we can be honest here right….. someone else just purchased it and submitted it faster than I did. But what really pisses me off is that I genuinely did rewrite a good bit of the content.

Moral of the story… write your own friggin content…or have someone write it for you. Kind-a-like wearing a condom…better safe than sorry.

I’m sure you have a story too so let’s here it below……


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