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Getting Started is Your Most Important Step

getting started in the dot com businessAre  you just getting started in the internet marketing business? The most difficult step is the one you are thinking about making right now, getting started.

You see, there are many people who would love to have a thriving internet business and so they read, investigate, read some more, buy some e books, maybe some training videos, and never get started.

Can I tell you a personal story? When I created my first e book and someone actually BOUGHT it from me….I was hooked! Even though I had to issue a refund because the person felt it wasn’t worth the price. It didn’t matter. Want to know why? Because I knew I could sell SOMETHING online and make a profit.

As a matter of fact, the refund and feedback was invaluable because it made me go back and make the product better. It confirmed in my mind that there was a market out there wanting the information, I just had to come up with the right information at the right price. And I did.

Imagine for a moment if I would have waited until I thought everything was perfect. I would still be working on the original draft and would never had made my first sale. And without the first sale I probably would have quit or lost interest.

If you are looking to create a product, e book or information product, dont delay…get on it now. Open a word document, create an outline, and start typing. Set a goal to have something out inside a week or ten days at most. Don’t try and write “War and Peace” the first time out, make it a 15 page e book on something simple and get it on the web to see if it will sell. The first sale that comes in will give you the juice you need to keep going.

Start fast, don’t worry if it is perfect at first. Give it your best shot and get it out there. You will be surprised what your first taste of success will do for you.

Do you think this will help you? Please leave your opinion below. I would love to here it.

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