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Frank Kern and Trey Smith Go Crazy

If you haven’t seen this duo yet, you must check them out! They bring fun back to work. As a matter of fact, besides their enormous success, their humor is one of the things that make them so appealing. They are just down right funny!

Enough of that, now to the update on their membership site Info Marketing Monthly. Anthony DeLoach is a partner in crime and submits a considerable amount of the content on Info Marketing Monthly. According to Anthony, he has made quite the sum of money through the use of email marketing and this is the latest topic for this membership site.

For email marketing to be successful you must track open rate and click through rate to make the most of your marketing efforts. Segmenting your list and sending the right message to the right audience could substantially raise the amount of people who open your emails and the amount who click on your links inside them.

There are three effective ways to segment your list:

1) Best subscribers – frequent purchasers. Make them feel special, special content, deals, etc

2) Click Happy List – consistently open your emails and click on your links.

3) The Covert survey List – find out more about them by giving them a choice of two links to click on. Example, if you are in the dog training niche, on email could reference potty training and the other could reference dog tricks. both refer to training but now you will have better info on what to send them to buy.

Guru tactics to get your emails opened: Use parenthesis (they work), Use the words “video” , “picture” or “pic”, Personalize the email with location specific mentions when appropriate, make a crazy statement with a ? is your dog crazy?, Use Buzz words (see Google), Use curiosity statements (do you know this girl?), Use choice in the title (spanking or no spanking (what works for me)…lol that should get your attention! resend the same unopened email with a different title.

So you got them to open the email, now how to make them click on the link: include a pic or video (make it click-able) with a link just below it. Be cool and be yourself, no corporate speak. Be short and to the point, the idea is to get them to click the link, not read a novel. Set expectations (look for my special email tomorrow as it contains a special ninja tactic.)

And…..the four magic words to increase your open rate……”sent from my iPhone”

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