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Five Ways to Remain Unproductive

man playing video game on his lap top computerHave you ever sat down at your computer to write an article or get some work done only to have the time slip by and you have nothing accomplished? I have gradually been sucked into this trap recently and before I knew it my productivity had sunk to an all time low. Here is a list of five things to avoid when it is time to be productive.


I am addicted to many of these items but especially email. Why? Well…as soon as you start making money online you will know what I am talking about. I constantly check my email for additional sales or leads. This can take two minutes or thirty minutes depending on whether I received any meaningful email. Set some time aside to look at your email and only look at it during that time. This alone will make you much more productive.


Twitter is a major suck on time. Once you log in and see the activity going on the time just flies by. Don’t give in to this temptation. I have created a routine were most of my “tweets” are automated when I post something to my blog so I don’ get engaged in a conversation and waste valuable time. Look into setting up automatic posts through a WordPress plugin on your self hosted blog.


Facebook is exploding with over 400 million members and you should be involved with the community. Set aside some time to review and update your Facebook account but stay away from the “chat” feature. When this is enabled others can see when you log on. All it takes is one instant message from a friend and work time is long gone. I added up the unproductive time I was spending on Facebook and decided to cut it way down (I won’t tell you the result because it would scare you…it did me!)

Instant Messages

Turn your instant message feature off when working. Just like Facebook, all you need to distract you is one interruption and twenty, thirty minutes or more are gone. Save it for time you do not have set aside for work and enjoy it then. You will be glad you did.

Cell Phone

Cell phones can be a real asset and a real time waster all at the same time. During work hours I usually let everything go to voicemail unless I receive back to back call which usually indicates an emergency or someone really wants to speak with me. If it is general information most people will leave a message and you can return the call at your leisure.

So that is the Top Five Ways to Remain Unproductive. Constantly checking email, logging in to Twitter or Facebook more than once per day, leaving your instant message feature on while working, and answering your cell phone. Manage these as I have started to do and you will see a marked improvement in your overall productivity.

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2 Responses to Five Ways to Remain Unproductive

  1. Barbara Swafford March 7, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    I hear you. Due to other requirements on my time, I've cut way back on Twitter and Facebook. My emails tend to stack up and about once a week I start hitting that delete key. Where does the time go?
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Be Careful What You Wish For =-.

  2. admin March 8, 2010 at 6:32 am #


    Thanks for the comments! It is amazing how time can escape you when you don't focus on what is important and everything seems important…lol!

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