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Facebook – The Ultimate Marketing Equalizer

Facebook logo on The Guru HubFacebook is the ultimate marketing equalizer because it puts small businesses and entrepreneurs on the same playing field as big business. You can have unprecedented access to millions of people through a combination of free and paid tools that could explode your business! This is illustrated in my book Secrets to Mega Marketing on Facebook which contains little known marketing tips for your business.

Facebook has attracted both young and old to create a crossroad of buyers that even the mighty Google can’t match. And it continues to grow every day.

While Facebook’s marketing allure may lie in its hefty and loyal viewership, its real power is in its flexibility. Advertisers can target a wide audience or cull it down to only a scant few depending on how tight you set your advertising filters. I spend plenty on Google each month but nothing compares to the ad targeting you can access on Facebook.

Notwithstanding is the way Facebook treats its advertisers. I can tell you from firsthand experience that Facebook is very advertiser friendly and much easier to deal with. Google, on the other hand, is not easy to work with, no matter how much you are spending with them.

Yes, I was among the throng of advertisers that was banned for life and I was not trying to do anything illegal or unethical. I was just trying to send traffic to a lead capture page and they felt I had crossed the line and my money was no longer good with them so away I went into exile, or so I thought.

Have you ever have one of those experiences that you thought was the “end of the world” and it turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you? Well… this is it for me. Because of my castaway status at Google I was forced to look for alternatives and low and behold…. in walked Facebook! Bigger, Easier to work with, and More Flexible.

Between Facebook exploding and the announcement about Yahoo and Microsoft advertising merging, ole Google better watch out or they could end up forgetting which side their bread is buttered.  (I thank my Grandfather for that great saying! Thanks Grampa!) or maybe they already have forgotten?

Facebook is also a great way to virtually rub elbows with business moguls in the same industry as you. You can join forces, become peers, work together, or just gain some insight in the field that could help you and your business out tremendously. The limits of what you can do with your business are nonexistent

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