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Does Adding Video To A Sales Page Increase Conversions?

I recently added a video to one of my niche market sales pages to see if I could increase the conversion rate. I had heard that video makes a big difference so I thought I’d give it a try. Does it really help? We’ll find out in a month or so as I just started the test and will report back in.

Video is so intriguing that I made it part of my marketing strategy (in most areas) so I thought it would be a natural progression to include it in my sales pages. I’ve never really cared for a sales page with all video, especially if isn’t done correctly. All written word isn’t all that compelling either for that matter, as both can be a bit stale if not done properly.

So, I decided to give video a shot on one of my sales pages just to see if I could make some improvements. I didn’t incorporate it all the way through, just in one section which I’ll explain next.

Ah…the catch, I only put testimonials on video. I created a PowerPoint presentation with testimonials copied on to each page and then did a voice over and read them. This way the customer could see the testimonial and hear it too.

My conversion rate on this particular page has hovered around 2.5% and I am determined to raise that to above 5% through split testing and trying different techniques. I will let you know how it goes from time to time so stop back in or bookmark or subscribe to my blog.

If you have any experience with video increasing your conversion please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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