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Do You Add Value or Just Take Money?

I just watched a video from Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula) who interview Jay Abraham and Eben Pagan. One of the topics discussed was how to make money and Eben had a good take on it that I would like to expand upon.

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To create a very successful product one of the keys is to make sure your product solve a problem. If you really want to make money online (or brick and mortar store too) you want to make sure your problem fulfills a need or solve a problem.

To that end it is about adding value. Most people care less about what your product cost than they do about whether it will solve their problem or fulfill their need. Is your product adding value to their life by making life simpler, easier, more enjoyable… etc. Does it add value.

Take a product you currently offer (hopefully you have one by now, if not.. get busy and create one even if it is a $10 ebook -:)) but the sales aren’t what you thought they might be. How can you add more value to that product in the eyes of the consumer?

First thing is does the product fulfill the need or solve the problem? Second, does you sales copy articulate all the benefits properly so the consumer see’s how it solves their problem? Third, are you offering bonuses to enhance the value? Forth, are you stepping back and looking at your product from the customers point of view and would you purchase your own product after reading your sales copy?

It all comes down to adding value to someones life. It you can do that… then your product will sell.. a lot!

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