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Admit It: You Have No Marketing Budget

For marketing to be efficient, you have to effectively define the audience you want to reach. You want to speak to as broad a market as you need but as narrow a market as you can. That can start with simple demographic characteristics like age, sex, and income.

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6 Signs You Need a Mobile Website Now

The mobile world is here, having arrived in 2014. It has been marked by the fact that there are now more Americans using mobile devices than desktops. Plus, the majority of consumers research products and services on their mobile devices before making a purchase.

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New Rules for Digital Marketing

In the digital era, marketing for financial advisors has a new set of rules. “The world has shifted from outbound to inbound marketing techniques,” Craig Faulkner, founder of digital marketing firm FMG Suite, told the audience at Schwab’s Impact conference here. “Advisors still need to go out and meet people,” he said. “But they also need people to want to come to them in the digital world.”

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