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Building Your Joint Venture (JV) Partner Network

Everyone wants to build their business fast. One of the ways to accomplish this is to build relationships with other marketers who are successful. This can be very lucrative and involves nothing more than networking and building relationships so both of you profit.

Networking successfully and establishing Joint Venture (JV) partners can really boost your Internet Marketing business rapidly depending on who you network with. The most successful marketers leverage their relationships wisely and have moved in front of many other marketers to get where they are today. As we have discussed before, if a technique is successful, duplicate it. No sense reinventing the wheel, just follow their lead and you’ll see why the technique has worked for others.

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Can Make You Stand Out


Most people in the internet marketing business have heard the advice “a good ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP) for your customers is a must”. But few follow this same advice when looking for JV partners. A good USP will make you stand out from the crowd when you are seeking a joint venture partner. The most sought-after JV partners receive requests on a daily basis. You’ll want to strategize to stand out from all the others who are vying for their attention.

The best way to accomplish this is to think about how your offer is different from the other offers out there. Research some of the other offers and position yourself opposite what you see out there, or fill a gap that is not being addressed. The best way to do this is to subdivide and specialize. This way you can offer that person’s customers something that no one has before? Make sure that you have truly thought this out before making contact. Positioning is everything so make sure you have done your research. For more information on market and product positioning visit The Secret Classroom and watch the Marlon Sanders segment. It is the best I have seen on positioning.

Know Your Potential JV Partner/ Marketer


Many marketers just focus on sending as many JV requests out as possible hoping that through the grace of God someone will say yes and email for them. This is the wrong approach and a big turn off. Any successful marketer is going to toss you aside like a piece of junk mail if you do this.

A well seasoned marketer can spot this a mile away. If you’re asking someone to promote to their list, you’ll get much better results if you get a bit of background information on them and incorporate it into your pitch. At least then they will know that you did some research on them and might get their attention, if not earn their respect for your effort. Whatever you do, don’t send a group mailing or a form letter to the JV partners you are courting, they can spot that “dead horse” a mile away.

Take a look at the websites they run and opt in for their newsletter. What kinds of offers do they normally promote? Knowing this key fact is important so you can determine if your offer may be something that would interest their target market. Get on as many lists as possible and see who sends what to who and when. Believe me, when there is a big product launch you will get tons of mail. I save each in their own folder so I can reference them when I need too. If not right away then save their contact info for another time, but at least you’ve got it.

The Unique Selling Proposition


Now that you’ve done your homework and have decided who to send your JV requests to, it is time to carefully compose your request.

Make sure you get to the point. Don’t kick around and waist your time and theirs. Just like any sales letter, the first paragraph needs to REACH OUT AND GRAB THEIR ATTENTION! Hey, yea….I’m talking to you. (OK, maybe a bit overboard but you get my point J) More often than not these marketers are extremely busy and time is money. Eliminate the fluff and cut to the chase. Be cordial, but stick to the task at hand. And p.l.e.a.s.e. make sure to read and reread your email before sending. Even if you have had dealings with this particular marketer before, keep your letter at a very professional tone. This is business and we are talking big money, maybe even life changing, if you land the right partner

Create a Calendar and Find an Empty Spot


Just like retail sales, always scope out the spot for your product before approaching the manager. If you’re looking for JV partners for a launch, the timing can make things a bit more difficult. So, create a calendar and write down what they promote over the next several months while you are creating your product. Every time you receive an email, note the product, the category, the market, and anything else that is noteworthy. This will all help you prepare for when the big day arrives to mail your proposal.

More than likely you have spent a lot of time preparing your offer and getting it ready to go. It can be very stressful to attempt to get those last minute details together in time for your launch. Inquiring about potential JV partners should not be one of the last minute details. This should be lined up well in advance because of the commitments of the potential JV partner. Remember, if they are worth pursuing then chances are they are very busy so your product will have to fit in well in advance.

Be sure to respect the schedules of your potential partners. Many of them plan their promotions out months in advance. So, giving them advanced notice will help you get a much better response. If your product is close to being ready but not yet completed, you still may want to put out JV requests. They may request that you contact them again at a later date, but at least you have made the first connection with them.

I guess before we wrap things up we should discuss rejection (oh no! not the “R” word). Every marketer worth their salt has been through plenty of rejection so get used to it. Think of it this way. The more you get rejected the closer you are getting to becoming successful. Bear in mind that you might be faced with rejection even if you do everything “right.” It’s not your fault.

Even the best of the best go through rejection so take it in stride. Sometimes marketers are just plain busy, don’t promote others’ products very often, or have another reason why they can’t promote you. Don’t let this discourage, just keep on searching until you find the right JV partner. He or she is out there to assist you on your journey to internet marketing success just keep kicking down doors until you find the right one.

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