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Are You Using Video to Market Your Products?

I am trying to tie in the previous article and start with a question. Are you using video to market your products? If the answer is no then please give it another look.

Video used to be difficult and cumbersome. Heck, I still have an old VHS camcorder that sits in my office and collects dust. I could never get the proper cords or jacks to connect to the computer and download the video. And when I finally did, it cost me an arm and a leg. OLD, old, old!

Last year I bought a Flip Mino from Sam’s Club. It is a great little camera (they even make it in High Def……wooooo) and so easy to use I can even do it. No cables required, in fact, “flip” open the USB port from the side of the camera and start your upload. It is as simple as that. The software is contained in the camera and your video is on your computer ready to edit or upload to YouTube in minutes!

If you are already doing this check out this tutorial on how to triple your YouTube traffic.

Now you have no excuse to not use video, plus, you can get one of these little buggers for $150 and maybe even less. I worthwhile investment for sure.

Now lets discuss how to make a video to sell your product or service. After hanging around this internet bizz awhile and getting on a bazillion mailing lists I learned one thing for sure……if your want to learn video….learn from the best! And the best is Andy Jenkins.

Andy is formerly from Stompernet fame and they all are worth over another bazillion dollars so they must know something. Andy is the video guys and he is into something really cool called The Video Boss. To introduce it he is giving away some great info on how to make a video “the right way”. When Andy talks about video, we all listen….lol

If you aren’t using video yet, you will be after you see this so give it a look and please drop me a note and tell me what is your biggest fear about video. I might be able to help you, and that is what it is all about, isn’t it?

***this article may contain affiliate links. If you click on them and buy something I could make a bazillion dollars.

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