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A Secret Method to Hold Your Customers Attention…But First

hold your customers attentionThe purpose of your sales letter is to grab and keep the attention of your reader. Once you have accomplished that step the next step is to get them to take immediate action. One way to accomplish this is by engaging your reader in a good story without finishing it. After starting the story, pause in the middle to tell them you will complete the story in a minute… but first you would like to tell them about _____.

For example, you may use something comparable to this:

“The next day Jack was shocked when he looked in the mirror. In just a moment I’ll tell you what he saw – you’ll be just as shocked as Jack. But first…”

Once again, you use curiosity to compel the reader to keep reading. But the other reason he’ll keep reading is for the same reason people watch movies all the way through – namely, they have to find out what happens. You can use that curiosity and desire to leave no loose ends to your advantage.

As referenced above, another effective way to guarantee to keep your reader engaged is to bring out their emotion For example:

  • You can gently remind a person who stutters what it felt like to get laughed at in school.
  • You may gently remind an overweight person how embarrassing it is not to fit in an airplane seat, and how humiliating it is to go shopping for clothing.
  • You can gently remind a person how it feels to be stressed out all the time at work.

Notice I said “gently” in each case. You want to get your point across but with a great deal of sensitivity. You want them to realize you feel their pain and you sympathize with them. A good way to do this is to say something, “I used to feel my cheeks get hot every time someone laughed at me when I stuttered”.

The purpose is to make them relive the problem in their mind and create a sense of urgency to solve the problem. Then, highlight the positive benefits they will experience after purchasing your product. If you take your prospects through this process they will be much more likely to purchase from you more often.

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